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Fuzz Guitar Show

Maskingatan 11
417 64 Göteborg - Göteborg
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Event date: 11 - 12 may 2019
Ordering deadline: 1 May

Saturday May 13 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday May 14 11:00 to 17:00

Saturday 200 SEK
Sunday 160 SEK
Two-day ticket 260 SEK.
Persons under 18 years & students (student id required) 100 SEK.
Children under 12 accompanied by an adult free admission.

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Technical direction

Sandra Hessel


076-119 10 17
Jens Sandberg

Stand Manager / Technical Director

0709-54 10 77
Ulf Zackrisson

Project Manager / Booking

070-631 26 20

General information

Equipment included

The stand rent includes white walls without canopy.

Dimensions of the wall boards: Height 243.6 cm. Width 97.6 cm.

Organizer puts the power stations. Exhibitors are responsible for the cabling from the central to the exhibition space.

Stand construction for exhibitors

Construction may begin on Friday, May 25, at 12:00 in the Acoustic Hall and Middle Hall.

South Hall and rooms on upper floor from 14.00.

Exhibition premises closes at 22:00 and re-opens 8:00 on Saturday. The booths must be completed by May 26 at 09:30.


Wi-Fi is available.


Sunday 17.00-22.00

Stand walls

The stand walls consist of 3mm MDF boards mounted in aluminum profiles. To mount/attach objects to the wall or aluminum profile, special adhesive tape or hooks (order here or fair).

Dimensions of the wall boards: Height 243.6 cm. Width 97.6 cm.

Important information

All equipment is for hire, unless otherwise specified and delivered directly to your booth during the assembly time. Invoicing after the closure of the fair.

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Frequently asked questions

Can we stick foil on walls which we rent through you?

All damaged walls must be replaced, if necessary. Cleaning after tape/glue is invoiced. We can deliver printed advertising walls with your profile. Call us for pricing.

What are the dimensions of the walls?

Dimensions of plates:
Height 243.6 cm.
Width 97.6 cm.

Visible: Height 242 cm x width 96 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 250 cm x width 100 cm.
Stand measures

What are the dimensions of the fascia boards?

Dimensions of the plate:
Height 23.5 cm.
Width 197.6 cm or 297.6 cm.

Visible: Height 21.5 x 196 cm. or 296 cm.
Dimensions incl. Profile (total height / width): Height 29.5 cm x width 200 cm or 300 cm.
Stand measures

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