Terms & Conditions

1. The duration of tenancy

Landlord delivers ordered products at tenant's stand at the specified exhibition. The products will then be Tenant's responsibility until the fair's last day. The tenant can not rent out the products to third parties without Landlord's written consent. Tenant delivers the goods to the landlord by leaving them on the stand that they where delivered on. The landlord can, if there is a valid reason, require rental products returned earlyer than mentioned above. Rental products must be returned in the same condition as they were when they where delivered.

2. Settlement imposed m.v consideration in tenancy

The tenant agrees that the landlord can charge him for the services tenant signed for, and strain resulting from this contract, either by credit card or by simple invoice. The landlord may require other pertinent safety. The landlord may belaste Lessee's bank account by default of rental products, charges and fees related to the collection and late payments.

3. Consideration m.v accrued tenancy

The tenant agrees to pay rental fee and additional requirements applied lease and landlord's expenses for recovery of the tenant's obligations, including the fees legislation at any time allow the recovery of such amounts. In case of late payment, default interest under the Act on interest on delayed payments from the due date until payment is made.

4. Landlord's duties / Complaints

Landlord obligations on time and at the agreed location, to set the ordered products to the rental tenant's disposal. The landlord can not guarantee delivery of goods ordered after the deadline for each individual event. Rental products must be in good condition. The tenant shall so far as practicable to examine the products immediately after they have been placed at Lessee's disposal. The tenant loses his right to claim breach of contract, be it for lack or delay, if he / she does not, within a reasonable time after he / she has discovered or should have discovered the breach, the landlord message indicating what kind of breach involved. If the landlord fails to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement may require the tenant landlord at his own expense shall defect if this can be done without causing landlord unreasonable expense or inconvenience. Even if the tenant does not require, the landlord at his own expense remedy lack or accept redelivery when this can be done without significant inconvenience to the tenant. If repair or replacement is not feasible or is not made within a reasonable time after the tenant has complained of the defect, the tenant may claim a proportional reduction. In the event of material breach, Lessee cancel the contract. Tenant may not terminate the contract unless he / she gives the landlord notice of termination within a reasonable time after he / she knew or should have known of the breach.

5. Tenant's obligations

The tenant agrees to process and use rental products in a responsible manner and not:

  • Screw or tape objects stuck in walls, profiles, or other rental items.

  • Spill food or drink on the carpet.

  • Screw gear apart.

  • Other defaults that degrades the value of the equipment, or cause the landlord charge for cleaning or repair of equipment.

If the tenant treats rental products negligence, he / she must meet the Lessor losses fully.

6. The extent of Tenant's liability for damages in the loan period

The lessee is liable for all expenses suffered landlord for cleaning, repairs and transport due to injury and / or damage incurred rental products in the lease.

7. Cancellation deadline

Tenants have a cancellation deadline of 5 working days after your order has taken place.

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